Friday, October 10, 2008

About My Family

I have a loving father Rev .S. Moses and a wonderful brother M. Sam and my Chweeeeeeeet mom Mrs.Arul Moses. Lord called my mom to be in His Presence. My Dad is a minister of God and the presbyter to karur District having nearly 25 branch churches. Im lucky to have a Dad like him because he moves friendly, so caring and very understanding.

After my mom left he was pushed into a situation to take care of himself , our family and also our whole church members. Even though the burden and the responsabilities are too heavy he is doing it very successfully . Always he has the smiling face. He never hesitates to console poeple 24/7 .He is very active , humours and caring. I bet you will like him if you talk with him atleast once !!

This is my brother Sam . He is another interesting person. He is currently assisting my dad and doing youth ministry and organizing English service in our church. He loves to be fun with , has many friends and makes friends easily and has the ability to attract others. He always makes us laugh when he is around and very talented. I really feel proud to have him as my brother, right from my birth I was admiring him.


kapil.g said...

hi vimal u r so lucky to have a fater n brother this. grt with regards kapil.g

daniel said...

I knw vimal u r so lucky to hav a family like this..,rite from the childhood i like ur family very much..,especially ur father,He was very friendly..,i remember the day which we played football in ur home..,with ur father and sam anna..,sam anna is a good brother to me..,he act as a frd,brother and advicer, ur r lucky in this..,i will pray to god for u & for ur family specially..,