Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rangoli Competition In Photon !!

This was the first time I have taken part in rangoli competition and I'm happy that I have did it in Photon and mainly because of Set batch guys. Our SET guys Kanan , Nivas and Vijay started this enthusiasm , the day when photon announce the competition these people were encouraging us constantly to participate. Nivas was busy in chat with myself , Rasheeda and Kiruthiga to nominate, finally we accepted then those guys themselves nominated our names. Then we forgot about it and lacked interest in doing rangoli . Monday we have the competition but till friday evening we didnt prepare or discuss about the theme , we didnt even think about rangoli.

Then at friday evening 7 o clock we got Kubendran in chat and we asked him for an idea then he came to our place and we 3 of us ( Kubs , Rasheeda and myself ) started the discussion, the discussion went seriously with the spirit to get the prize. We thought of many current topics about terrorism , recession and IT companies finally we put all those things together into a single theme that was our rangoli theme "Our Wish ". That evening we started searching images for our theme , Kubendran strated editing those selected pictures with photoshop make-ups and finally we came up with the picture of a Hen with three eggs in which 2 of the eggs were broken and only one , the special above the rest hatches out and its name is IT .Wow nice concept right ? ...

Two days later ...

Today is monday and I came very late to office no idea what are the things to buy . As soon as I reach office Nivas called me and asked about the materials and things to buy. Then again a discussion goes about the materials and colors with our friends then Nivas and kanan went out to buy those things.

In the car parking area we started our color mixing and our HR people gave us the lot to choose the place alottment and we got the 1st place and started drawing in the alloted place. Kubendran started drawing , we were very happy because Kubs was with us in drawings and we did the colorings , intially the coloring was also quiet hard later on went well .

Then we started coloring while Kubendran was drawing , after everything went over we were really amazed to see our picture its like 3D image and that too specially that broken egg was decorated by Kubendran Wow it was Amazing !!

Then we dont have enough time to fill the back ground later we felt that may be the reason for what we missed . Then our judges came and Kubs explained everthing about our theme. I was thinking that we will surely get prize because our theme is excellent. Many of our photonites were taking many photos with our rangoli and everybody was saying that the message we gave through the drawings was so wonderful. And I was dreaming atleast one of the first 2 prizes we will get it for sure . Let the dream continue ...

The Next Day ..

I was waiting eagerly for the call from our friends that surely will be the good news about the rangoli result. Then Nivas called me and broke out the suspense I had , that Providence team won the 1st prize and Multimedia the 2nd prize if we have 3rd prize option then it will be sure for us. But I felt very bad oops we missed out the prizes . Then after getting into the office many of the messages came from our friends were really the good news everyone was appreciating the theme and the 3D effect of our image. Really my heart felt the real happiness not through prize but through the wishing words from friends.

here are some winning quotes from friends ...

1. I loved you rangoli the best, irrespective of who won. Your team spirit and interpersonal bonding is what matters and you guys score high on that !! -- Sudha ( SET Trainer )

2. We did our best, and many of them appreciated the theme and our execution.Unfortunately, We didn't win the competition but our rangoli reached everyone hearts and it will remain forever. -- Vijay ( SET Member )

3. Unmaya cholla pona naama WIN pannittom.....evlo peru vanthu fantastic theme nu sonnanga athu pothum -- Kubendran ( SET Member )

These are the inspiring quotes which made us to feel that we have won in the hearts of others !! Really we are the Winner !!